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Prairie Farmstead beef is only fed grass from birth to harvest and raised naturally. Our cattle never have seen grain of any type or other protein or energy supplements. We do not use medical or chemical fly control or wormers on our cattle. The pastures our cattle graze never receive herbicide or pesticides. We only purchase or produce hay for winter supplementation that does not have herbicides or pesticides. While not easy, this produces some of the most natural, cleanest, grassfed and finished beef in North Texas! 

The Prairie Farmstead cattle are our primary employees in our regenerative farming endeavors. Utilizing managed intensive grazing methods, we control where and how our cattle graze our land. We have installed water and fencing infrastructure so we can vary the number of acres they receive every day to graze, allowing us to vary the impact they have on the grass and soil. Just like historic buffalo, this allows us to mimic how large herds of ruminating herbivores have moved across various landscapes around the globe for thousands of years. This method also provides rest for our grass so it can reach maturity and drive roots deep into our prairie soils. It also allows us to increase organic matter in our soils to increase fertility and hold more water every time it rains -- all naturally. 

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