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Pasture & Forest Raised Pork

Our pasture and forest raised pigs have never received antibiotics or chemical wormer products. We do not spray our pastures with herbicides or pesticides. Our pigs are supplemented with Non-GMO feed locally milled to our specifications. This is a no-soy and no-corn feed blend. At Prairie Farmstead, we strive to produce some of the cleanest pork available to North Texas, and we are proud of the pork quality and flavor we offer.


Classic Bacon Cure. Regular Slice.

Jowl Bacon

Sliced jowl, cured like bacon. Great for eating, but also for adding to recipes that call for bacon.

Bacon Ends

Chunked bacon ends. Classic bacon cure. Great for adding to dishes that require bacon, such as beans and soups.

Ham Roast

3-4 lbs. Cured. Not smoked. A delicious roast for your next family gathering.

Ham Steaks

Cured. Not smoked. 3/4" Thick

Shoulder Roast

Boston Butt Roasts. 3.4 lbs.

Sausage - Breakfast - Bulk

1 lb package of bulk breakfast sausage

Sausage - Breakfast - Patties

Our fantastic breakfast sausage in very convenient patties. 10 per package.

Sausage - Breakfast - Links

Prairie Farmstead breakfast sausage links in medium size lamb casings. 8 per package.

Sausage - Bratwurst - Links

A fantastic fresh bratwurst sausage in a natural bun length casing. 5 links per pack. Does contain dairy.

Sausage - Italian - Links

A fantastic fresh Italian sausage in a natural bun length casing. 5 links per pack. Great for grilling or to use in...

Pork Neck Bones

Neck bones with more meat than normal bones. Great for broth

Pork Bones

Bag of pork bones ready for bone broth!

Lard Fat

Bagged pork far ready for making lard or mixing with other meats.

Half Pork Bulk Packages

With our 1/2 pig bulk package, you can expect roughly 95-110 lbs of finished pork. We use premium vacuum sealed...

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