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Prairie Farmstead

1 Deposit on a Half Beef Side | 1 Deposit on a Half Beef = $650.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 Deposit on a Quarter Beef Side | 1 Deposit on a Quarter Beef = $350.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock

Thank you for your interest in 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, dry-aged beef from Prairie Farmstead. We are currently taking deposits on bulk beef orders to be processed this August through November. We would love to help your family eat some of the cleanest, tastiest beef you can have with the security of knowing what is in your freezer.

Our two sizes of bulk beef orders are a 1/4 or 1/2 cow. The 1/4 cow utilizes the Prairie Farmstead cut list as you are splitting a 1/2 with another family. The 1/2 cow is completely customizable for your family's preferences in cuts and packaging.

2022 Bulk Options:

Quarter Cow - $12.29/lb of finished beef in your freezer.
$350 deposit (non-refundable)
Roughly 95 lbs. of packaged meat in your freezer. The weight and price does not include organs, beef fat or soup bones, which
are always available upon request at retail prices.
We deliver to your home or you pick up at Prairie Farmstead in Sherman. Delivery fees are as follows:
$40 - 20 mile radius from our farm
$100 - 20-50 mile radius from our farm
$150 - 50-75 mile radius from our farm

Half Cow - $5.80/lb by hanging weight (the weight of the cow hanging in the cooler before breaking down).
$650 deposit (non-refundable)
Roughly 190 lbs. of finished meat in your freezer.
Bones, fat and 1/2 the organs included from your side of beef
You pick it up at the butcher. Our butcher's address: 719 S. Pearl St., Trenton, TX 75490 (
You pay the processing costs to the butcher. Your processing costs will vary depending on cut choices, packaging options and
weight of the specific cow.
Total Cost Example:
$5.80/lb x 296 lb hanging weight = $1722 to Prairie Farmstead.
$485 est. to the butcher (depending on choices and cow weight)
$2207 total / 190 = $11.61/lb est. finished beef in your freezer.

Please reserve your family's beef here at our website. If you choose cash or check, please confirm with your order if it will be mailed or you will be dropping it off at the farm. (Please note that last year we sold out of bulk beef within a few weeks.)

Our cattle have never received antibiotics, chemical wormers or chemical fly control products. We do not spray our pastures with herbicides or pesticides and have only purchased non-GMO hay that has not been sprayed. Our cattle have not received any grain or protein supplements -- just grass and hay. At Prairie Farmstead, we produce some of the cleanest beef available to the North Texas market, and we are proud of the quality we offer to you and our own family. To learn more please visit our website:

A note about this challenging year and the drought: We are faced with challenges this year not seen before: grass not growing behind our cattle, skyrocketing prices for hay, calf prices at the highest level since we started, processing costs rising 22% from 2021, and trucking costs at all time highs. We will try our best at maintaining our beef herd, but have already planned on harvesting 25% less animals this year than expected due to less forage than expected. Also, we will continue to try to only find hay and forage that is both non-GMO and not treated with herbicides or pesticides, but it may come to a point that we do not have a choice. Please keep us and our animals in mind when you watch the weather -- pray for timely rains -- and if you know of any hay or unused pasture, please let us know!

If you believe in the food we produce, please tell your friends and family that there is a cleaner, more natural way to eat delicious beef in North Texas. Feel free to forward this email to help our "grassroots" business grow and further your impact in land regeneration of North Texas.

Thank you again for your interest in 100% grass-fed and finished beef from a local, regenerative farm in North Texas. We would be honored to feed your family the quality beef we enjoy producing! Please call me at the number below if you have any questions.

Cash, Check or Zelle payment preferred.

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