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Pasture Raised Eggs

Prairie Farmstead

1 Dozen | 1 Dozen = $5.45 + $0.05 Assembly
1 Flat | 2.5 Dozen = $12.45 + $0.06 Assembly

Our layers are truly pasture raised. They remain on pasture year around and never in a coop or barn. In addition to the bugs, worms and anything else they can find as they scratch and pick through the grass, we supplement with a Non-GMO, Soy Free & Corn Free feed ration. The result is eggs that are delicious and nutritious. When you cook and eat these eggs, you'll know they didn't come from the grocery store.

We do not sort our eggs by size for direct sales, but regular sized eggs are size medium (1.75 oz) and larger. Small-Pullet eggs are the first eggs our hens start to lay and they are size medium (1.75 oz) and smaller.

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